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April 23rd, 2015 3:12 am

Hi. Now I tell about development of my LD compo game

mediumPlay It here =)

The main concept is “Mind Weapon”. An ability to control creatures by your own mind. I supposed, this type of weapon is corresponded with “unconventional weapon”. But while I’ve been made this game I’ve understood deeper game concept. My purpose was to show “Everyone controlled by something”. Same thing at my game. Player can control other creatures. But actually he controlled by MEDIUM. Actually, player is medium. One of mining of “MEDIUM” is “environment” or “interface between…”. So player is MEDIUM… But what the creature at the end? Who knows…

Anyway game “The Manipulator” isnpired me make something simillar but with my own vision.

One of my favourite games ever. No jokes.

Now about implementation. First thing which I’ve always done is game mechanics. I made character, walls, few enemies. Then the most important part for me is level design. I always trying to create something different. I think about unique game situations. And I should find balance between “what I do” and “how many time it will cost”. But at this point I should make something with interaction between player and enemies. So I decided make stealth game. With my favourite “light system” it should be great! Also with time limits I decided make monochrome graphic. It simplier for me because I’ve been working with monochrome for years. And I added some color with blend mode. Just overlay colored rectangle over the screen with blend mode “add”. Awesome. Colour is changing by random way by rgb components at interval (150,150,150) and (255,255,255). No magic, just experience.

Next step is stealth game mechanics. Lights should be trigger area for enemies. Enemy should follow by the player by timeout and do some actions. Further, player can do same actions while controlling enemy. But how player controls the characters? This may be direct control or transitive control. I decided to make both of them. Direct control I called “Enslave”. Transitive control I called “Illusion”. It’s “Fear” actually. The easy way to manipulate people is fear, right? So I can make gameplay situation called “Fear them to the mines”. Yeah, I like mines. You can meet mines at any of my games!

But I still needed game situations. The next idea is to control someone to break the wall. So “quest with key” was born. Player should control General who shoud drive the car to the “OIL STORAGE”.

Now I can draw the level. I took me about hour.

2015-04-23 13.30.22

Ok, it’s ready… After few hours of work I’ve completed whole map at room editor:


Then I made unique gameplay situations step by step. Most difficult part for me was final. I still needed one more enemy type but can’t imagine something… But! The most dangerous enemy for mind-controller should be someone who uncontrollable. More dangerous if he can DEFINE controllable characters. I made mentors. They’re silently stands and patrool some area with their lights. Player should enslave ppe solder and open the backdoor with button. Yeah, final. Time is up. I tired and wants to sleep. So I haven’t time to make intro and outro… Maybe at postcompo release.

As result I can say: “I love what I made”. This is solid game. I’ll done small changes to make this better and will release as final product.

P.S. There are many typos I know. But my native language is Russian. So I hope, anyone can forgive me for this.


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