Wee Pon Speedrun

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April 22nd, 2015 5:17 pm

I did an any % speedrun of Wee Pon, by DarkMeatGames.

Far from perfect (I died unintentionally once) but it was my first sub 1:30 time so I uploaded it. The main glitch feature used is a sort of mega jump you can get by summoning Wee Pon when it’s below you by a couple of units. This let’s you skip Longest Hall and get double jump right away, it also speeds up the Tallest Tower climb dramatically. I also use a death warp and a mega jump to avoid finishing Darkest Dungeon and the back tracking from it’s exit to all the way up TT.

As you can see… I’ve over analysed the game a bit. Anyway it’s super fun and you should all go try it.


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  1. DarkMeatGames says:

    Holy crap! You are amazing! You just officially convinced me that I should continue working on wee pon.

    While I wanted to leave some room for sequence breaking, you did things I never even considered! Leaving the wee pon near the lava to death spawn after getting the bombs was truly inspired!

    Thanks so much for making that video. I can’t tell you how cool that was. I’ll make sure to give all of my new builds to you ro see what you can do.

    Thanks again!

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