“SHAFTED” Post-Mortem

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April 22nd, 2015 2:01 pm

Phew, I survived my first Ludum Dare! When the theme was revealed, I was pretty stoked. My original idea was a space shooter where you manipulate asteroids in order to destroy your opponents, and I spent most of my Friday night putting together some basic code logic revolving around that concept. I ended up catching one of the “SAW” movies and was convinced I should come up with something a bit more twisted with an interesting narrative. I came up with a basic premise “disgruntled tech employee plots to murder his boss in an unconventional manner”, and it was off to the races from there. After 2 more days of struggling to refine and balance all of the aspects of my concept while still meeting the jam deadline, the end result was a short game that tells an enjoyable, yet dark story.

What Went Right:

– Finishing: The #1 challenge for any creator is actually finishing a project. I’m proud of that more than anything else.

– Mood & Narrative: 2 hours before deadline, I made the last minute choice to add the voice overs. Despite my terribly amateur voice acting skills, I’m satisfied with the results.

– Music: I’ve been making music for way longer than I’ve been making games, so I tend to place a heavy focus on the audio.

– The intro: I really like how it came out.

What went wrong:

– The “hacking” gameplay: I spent so much time on setting the mood and telling the story, I ended up rushing a bit on the hacking element. I wanted to flesh it out to where you had to research different log files, corporate schedules, memos, etc. to determine which elevator your boss was on. Due to time, I opted for something much simpler. I’m definitely going to add all of that into the post-ludum version though!

– Not setting up a seperate scene to restart gameplay after the intro: Right now, if you restart, it takes you back to the start of the intro.

– The game’s length: due to making the hacking more simple than I originally planned for, the game ended up a bit on the short end.


You can play the game HERE.


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