Legend of the Barber Post-mortem

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April 22nd, 2015 6:01 am

Hello this is the post-mortem for Legend of the Barber.

I started on Monday morning 8 am CAT as although I wanted to work on it the whole weekend. I was too tired to actually do it, in fact I slept a total of 30 hours on the weekend.

So for the first few hours till noon I was scripting like crazy(in my programming 121 class coincidentally).

From about 10 past 12 I continued with the code, creating the various scriptable objects I used as the base for all the enemies,weapons and potions. At this time I didn’t even have a name for my game or know what type of weapons I will have.

I went to dinner at 17:30 as I had not eaten the whole day. I then worked on adding sound to the game(the music can be foundĀ here).

I then finally came up with the concept that is now in the game.

So in total I spent around 11 hours from 8 am till 7 pm working on the game and that was almost a continuous period.

I personally believe it is one of my best games so far and only the second out of four entries in Ludum dare that I completed to my satisfaction.

I will be back next time, maybe with a team.

I might keep working on the game but it will forms a nice basis to a game that I am planning to work on with people from my university.

tl;dr Play the game


Good bye, and thanks for listening

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