Le Chef Farteaut Postmortem

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April 22nd, 2015 11:00 am



You can play it HERE


This is Le Chef Farteaut Postmortem!

First of all, I know, it’s a lame idea, but I couldn’t think anything else that fast and at first seemed like a very simple game. And finishing my game for LD was really important since I’ve failed the last 2 LD’s main events that I’ve participated.

So, you control Péter, Le Chef Farteaut. You really need to go to the bathroom, but first you have to struggle through your messy restaurant’s kitchen. You have to fight and avoid giant mutant radioactive cockroaches and spray them with your farts (yeah, that’s the weapon). You also use your farts as an aid to run faster, jump higher and float through the air.

I’ve started saturday late. LD begins here in Brazil at 10 p.m. so I was already kinda sleepy, besides been pumped thinking about a game concept.

First, I wanted to get the movement mechanics right and tight. Walking, running, jumping, changing directions and FARTS. At first I didn’t know how I would use them as a Weapon and who would you fight with it, but I’ve learned that is far more important to develop anything than nothing in game jams. I knew that ideas would come in the process and I tried to kept the Done Manifesto in my mind.

Character Movement + Tiled Integration + Physics were done very quickly into a prototype, thanks to HaxeFlixel. Tweaking them to perfect values took a little longer, but I was very satisfied with them in the afternoon.

Then, was time for some (f)ARTS. At this moment, I was forced to define the complete game concept idea…I just had some white square that could fart bouncing around the window. I was SO frustraded, no ideas popped for a long time, but I had to draw something. And I’m a programmer by formation who is trying to be a self-taught artist. But learning during a jam is just insane, but I had no other option. PyxelEdit saved my time as I started drawing some generic white tiles, that made me think about kitchens, then chefs, then restaurant dirty kitchens, and then the whole concept of the game.

After that, I started drawing/animating the chef and I did pretty well I guess for a brogrammer and learning (f)artist. Basic level +chef arts were done and saturday was over. Time to sleep.

Sunday was all about art and polish. Refined tiles, kitchen props, chef animation, fart particles, some hazards like spikes and tuning player movement some more. I wished I had finished it for Compo, but I had soo much more to do.



Monday I did the rotating saw blade, polished death, level transitions, sounds, menu, build the advanced levels and the radioactive cockroaches. That was my Trello self-management Done column (you should read it bottom-up):


To resume, some bullet points:

  • Bad
    • Fart jokes (sorry);
    • Wasn’t able to manage time again, couldn’t make it to Compo;
    • Art Frustration! Lost a lot of time learning/experimenting new techniques, worflows and tools;
    • Difficulty ramp too steep. Not enough time to tweak it;
    • Fart could’ve been explored more as a weapon;
  • Good
    • Haxeflixel and PyxelEdit, pure love here;
    • Art made me happy in the end;
    • Menu Screen teaches all the buttons you need, without a tutorial;
    • Level Design and progression as a tutorial;
    • Game Design was actually pretty fun;

See ya in August, or some miniLD along the way.

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