Killin’ It: Postmortem

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April 22nd, 2015 8:06 am

This was such an improvement over LD31 for me!  I had a decent idea within a few minutes of brainstorming (DDR-like competitive rap battles), was able to get a working demo of the beat-matching working within an hour or two, and felt like I had something fun and distinctive by the end of the first day (the ten likes on my animated gif progress post got me super pumped!).

I had one really frustrating four-hour window where I took a wrong approach to improving the beat matching, but I left the computer, did some work, came back, and did the stupidest thing that worked, and everything came together.  I was able to spend almost an entire day on polish.

I’m really pleased with all the little details: the crowd cheering and booing, the little “boring!” or “perfect!” or “toasty!” announcements, the distinctive characters.  I feel like I’m developing a personal art style that’s a cute half-step above programmer art.

The decision to use four different notes for the raps was kind of weird, since rap isn’t even pitch-based, primarily.  I changed this in the post-compo version so that you’re actually generating amusing rhymes.  I’ll post that soon.  It’s fun.

My playtesters all enjoyed themselves, though I’m aware that the game could use some more visual indicators to help you stay on beat.  Or at least be slightly more forgiving.

All in all, that was so much fun.  I got way more sleep this time around, and generally felt relaxed and competent the entire time.

HaxeFlixel is a good framework and I highly recommend it.

Click here to play.

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