Gravity After Action Report & Timelapse

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April 22nd, 2015 6:23 pm

Hello Ludum Dare! I’m Alex from Holy Cow Studio, and I’m responsible for some code and design for our latest Ludum Dare submission – Gravity. This was our third attempt at getting a game done in 72 hours, and I think it went much better then the previous two. But, again, there are some things that I’m not satisfied with, which is good, so I’ve decided to write a little AAR about them here.

But first, here are 29 hours of Gravity development, compressed in 12 minutes!

So, yeah, let’s talk about the game now. Gravity is a game, in which player could use any object as a weapon by changing the way gravity affects it.

At least that was the original concept. And here is where my disappointment starts. Although, the game mechanic is here, I, as a level designer, completely failed at fully showing it. The main mistake, really, was trying to make a puzzle game, while all I needed is some objects to throw and some fun enemies to bash. There, at least on my level of skill, is no way of making a good puzzle game in such a small time frame. What I ended up with are 6 levels and “change a direction” game mechanic. I could’ve added so much more to the whole “gravity as a weapon” gameplay, but again, the time is my biggest enemy. I still feel like I could’ve done things better IN this time frame, though. Make the levels easier, for example.

ANYWAY, let’s talk about the things I’m proud of this time:

  1. 3D – this was our first 3d game, woohoo!
  2. Graphics – despite the fact that none of us in our team have any arts skills whatsoever, I think this game still ended up looking pretty good.
  3. A fun game mechanic –  I really loved the idea, and I’ll look more into making a couple more prototypes using it.

Thats all I had to say, I think. Go play Gravity and leave some feedback, we would really appreciate it.

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