Get Off My Land

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April 22nd, 2015 3:37 am

We made a game about chuckin’ chickens…

Get Off My Land

… hurlin’ cows …

Get Off My Land

… explodin’ pigs …

Get Off My Land

… and ridin’ llamas…

Get Off My Land

This jam was an absolute blast! We were determined to kick back a little and relax after getting quite stressed out during LD31, and I think it shows in the game. We started planning on Thursday by putting together a OneNote document with ideas for all of the final round themes (best theme selection in a long time by the way!). I think the brainstorming really helped get in the mood.

We ended up not using any of the brainstormed ideas after I had the final idea when I woke up on Saturday morning to start the jam. After a brief discussion, we went with the “animals as weapons” idea and started work.

We decided to go for a voxel style as I’ve been working on a voxel toolset for Unity (plug!) and Paul was itching to try out MagicaVoxel. The two tools combined allowed us to churn out really nice-looking blocky models extremely quickly, and even include basic animation.

Around 90% of the sound effects were recorded ourselves, with Carl taking time to go outside and do some basic Foley work. Some of the animal sounds were made by combining Freesound effects.

Things were progressing so well, we even sojourned to the pub for lunch midway through Monday afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine. This truly was a perfect LD for us.

We submitted on the deadline at 2am Tuesday morning and then got a decent night’s sleep. However, after waking up and beginning work on the ports, I discovered two things:

1. The game crashes on the Unity webplayer on MacOS.
2. The native Linux build also crashes.

Both crashes result in a very generic error with no pointers to help me debug, so looks like a Unity issue. Which sucks as that pretty much excludes mac web players and everyone on Linux. I did put up a WebGL build as a (pretty dodgy) alternative.

That niggle aside, we’re happy with the game and with the general awesomeness of LD32. Congrats to all our fellow jammers!

Defend your farm now!.

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  1. Mixer says:

    This is awesome. Great job with the voxels too.

  2. I love it 😀 Really good artwork… super title-screeen… voxels…. great job… best game so far

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