FINAL BREAKFAST Post Compo: Darker and Toastier

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April 22nd, 2015 10:10 am

You’ve probably heard the old game design tip where if something is too easy for you than it’s probably just right for the players, well, I tried living by that principal with FINAL BREAKFAST, but I forgot that my target audience were all hard boiled game developers that are probably pretty dang good at them vidya games.  I’ve received common criticisms about the game taking too long or being too easy.  Post Compo, I’m hoping to fix that.  The new FB is designed to get harder much faster and keep you on your toes throughout the game.  Because of the way the game is scored, you can get similar scores to what you could in the Comp version, but it takes less time.  I managed to get a new highscore of 1287 on this new build.  Come see if you can beat it.  If you’re toaster enough.

You can play the post compo or judge the original competition build here:


Other new things worth noting, you can now mute the in-game music by pressing M.

Players that have trouble fitting the game on their monitor can shrink the game by pressing F1.

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