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Hey people, this was my first real jam, it was tiresome yet a great experience. I decided to participate and test what I’ve learnt with ue4 on a strict deadline, as this is my first finished game with ue4. And here we have Brainzaxd. An arcade shooter game where you get to shoot a lot of laser brains and hearts and muscles and lighnings of soul.

(the stationarry traveler part is a reference to a great prog rock band I love; Camel)

The project started as I wanted to make a game where we used different “aspects” of our personality; Brain, Heart, Soul, Muscle. The idea was that to use the right one in the right condition, and of course combine those in the right way when more complex problems (enemies) start to approach. The track would be like the ones from Guitar hero kind, but you could aim anywhere and fire. Well, I’ll work on that project too in the near future.

Anyway here is how it all started:


And here, an early screenshot and afterwards:




The style I got may resemble of tron’s or some 80’s disco or so… I didn’t really aim for anything at first though. I started going for the compo, so everything I used should have been “fresh” stuff. I have no skills on creating textures so I got to play with some emission settings and loved how they looked combined with blank materials, and decided to go that way. 2 hours before the deadline I got a real fatal bug which made the compo impossible for me. This felt bad but I got more time to polish and fix stuff and go on with the jam. It’s not that the game has ended up being perfect though :) I had to fix some important bugs post-submit.

The fatal bug that made me change my concept was about possession of the different weapons (brain,heart,soul,muscle). At first they were all seperate characters and the problem was that they would not die at all if you would not pick them. They were active only when you control. To cut long story short, I decided to go with one player character as the time was running out and I was behind. Then I combined the models of the weapons, and voila!


Just look at this guy… It’s like it was always there waiting for me to notice and use it. And then followed the enemies. One example:


A flexed arm on top of another flexed arm… Don’t ask me, I don’t have any idea either… It just happened.

So I had a disco kind of colorful lights shining/flashing around with floating brains, hearts, lightnings and flexed muscles. I felt like I was on the right track. This was also the point where people started to laugh at my screen when I was working.

Then there came the weapons. I still wanted to hold on to my original idea of different weapons. So I gave them different abilities to use when you need. Brain is a nuke, heart self heals, soul is powerful and reliable, and muscle forces enemies away when they get close. Their ammo costs are also all different. And I didn’t want to implement a boring reload system, so I made it green laser beams that also deal a little damage.

map_makingofCamera! ready! Take one! Action!

I wanted to create an arcade experience where you get overwhelmed of shooting, but still have to think what to use when.

The game was a lot harder the first time I finished the level design. Then I toned down a bit. But I saved the hardcore version for myself anyway :)

The game is completely made with UE4’s blueprint system, I’m not a coder. Here is a screenshot of “a part” of the level, and the end-game Boss:



Hahah yeah I know. My developer friend still mocks me about that.

The jam link to the game

Anyway… I realise I’ve already made a TLDR post. I really appreciate if you have read so far. LDJAM was a great experience and I’m quite sure I’ll be a loyal participant for the next ones.

Me and my floating brain,heart,soul,muscle guy are very thankful! See you again next time, take care…



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