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April 22nd, 2015 11:06 am

Hey all,

So we decided early on we wanted to do a platformer.  When the theme was revealed we probably went through 100 unconventional weapon ideas and could not agree on a single one.  An hour in to the jam we were losing hope….and then someone suddenly blurted out “Techo-Druid Holo Squirrels!”.  Yes, we had the same response…silence…deep confusion…and then we all magically agreed.  It made so little sense to us that no one could argue against it.  So alas, “Aora: The Spirit of Nature” was born.

What we did wrong:

Spent too much time crafting the level, this didn’t leave us enough time to really fine tune the controls and mechanics.  If we did choose to continue this game, we would definitely add ALOT of different and unique mechanics for the player to use to navigate the world and combat enemies. (We had thoughts of using Vines as Grappling Hooks)

We started out with the hope of making a really interactive tutorial system, as time ran out and we started cutting features the tutorials just didn’t make it :(

What we did right:

We really put alot of effort into building the level.  We wanted it to have an element of exploration so we added multiple paths to the end.  If you play the game multiple times you can take a different path the second time and have a totally different experience.

Our artist really nailed the character concept.  As soon as we saw it we knew people would like it.  The animations were rough, but they still turned out nicely (especially the hair).


All in all it was a good jam.  We stressed a lot and probably cried a little, but it was definitely a good, educational experience.

Check out the game here if you wanna play and leave us some helpful feedback :)

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