Traditional List of LocalMultiplayer LD Games #32

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April 21st, 2015 9:59 am

Hello folks!

So, we’re the kind of people that make a tradition in two days, so since we did it last LD, we’re doing it again this time around.

If you’ve made a local multiplayer game for LD you will probably notice that most people playing and rating games are doing so alone. The objective of this list is for it to be a reference for the people who play and rate in groups to play this games and even out the love they receive.

Feel free to send local multiplayer games my way (e-mail them to or just link in the comments) and please say if it’s local multiplayer only, if it’s for 2 or more people, and if it has an AI or something you can play alone.


Local Multiplayer Only


Area Weapon Domination







Box Wars










Disco of Thrones





2 Players Only




Duke Newton



Precipitation Predicament



Tug of Warlords



Bookshelf Brawl



Brendan Lehman



Fish Fencing



Food Fight



Love Worm



Smash Drones



Terraform Junction VS







Vending Vengeance







Write Fite


Dueling Time, Sir!


Lunar Combat


Nuclear Space Buckets


Go Shoot Yourself





Better in Local Multiplayer



Get Rich!



Cucumbers Shall Not Pass






Noodle Kombat



Off to the races



Get back to work!









Super SALT Helmet



Also, if I made a game isn’t propperly categorized please point it out so I can fix it.

Enjoy your games in company!

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19 Responses to “Traditional List of LocalMultiplayer LD Games #32”

  1. RyanNielson says:

    Thanks for featuring Off to the Races, and thanks for creating this list. It’ll be a great resource when I get together with some friends to play some LD games.

  2. Awpteamoose says:

    We are local multiplayer, too! Supporting 2-4 players, go paint some splats!

  3. Menesetsu says:

    Hi. My friend and me made a game (something like battle arena) and it can be played only by two players and only local.
    Here is link:
    Great list, byt the way. I think we’ll go through all multiplayer games here at some free evening. 😉

  4. GTA LUDUM V says:

    cool idea~! we made some local multiplayer entry too! it’s a 4 player rhythm brawl, fight with disco beat~!
    here’s the link :

  5. psychonull says:

    Thanks for the compilation! bookmarking to play later with some buds!

  6. feizenbara says:

    Noisette made a fully multiplayer online game in compo this week end:

  7. HybridMind says:

    Cool list! Our team made a game for the jam that is 2-player local multiplayer only:

    No AI (I didn’t have time, of course.)

  8. terrykim426 says:

    Thanks for adding my game to the list! I’m surprised to see it here, thanks! =D

  9. Jwatt says:

    Good job with the list. Happy to see my entry there also.

  10. Crowbeak says:

    This is an awesome idea, but for future such posts it would be great if you could insert a break so it doesn’t take up half the front page. ^_^ Pleeeeease.

  11. Rodaja says:

    Updated again.

    feizenbara this list is only of local multiplayer. Online multiplayer has a hard time being propperly played in LD, but our love and commitment is to local multiplayer.

    About inserting a break, you’re probably right, sorry about that ^^’

  12. tininsteelian says:

    Great list! I made a game called Silverware Smackdown which is played with two players here: It also has a CD so it can be played by one player.

  13. Nuclear Mosquito says:

    Mine is not a LAN game, but it is for 2 players on 1 computer. You can find it here:

    Lunar Combat

  14. Rodaja says:

    Updated again.

    Nuclear Mosquito, Local Multiplayer means miltiple players in the same room (usually in the same computer, but there are exceptions), so your game definately counts 😉

  15. oranebeast says:

    Hey dude, do you mind adding my game? 2 player only. Great list BTW.

  16. Great list, thanks for putting this together!

    Our game, Super SALT Helmet, has local multiplayer up to 4 people. It also has bots to fill up slots if you want to play with 1-3 people. Hope you like it!

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