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April 21st, 2015 7:42 am

Explosions and lighting!

Latvian Milk is a game by three fledgling game developers who put their debut indie games on ice for 72 hours to partake in LD32. 

While discussing how cool we find indie game jams, we found out that LD32  was commencing in just 5 hours. On a whim – and with almost no previous experience in game development  – we decided to give it a try. We can all proudly say that we’re glad we made that decision.

Latvian Milk is the game that emerged from our endeavors. The final game is a product as much of our original ideas and intent as it is due to happy accidents, and every aspect has been made from scratch over the last three days. It’s really been non-stop from all of us, my fingers hurt from all the different devices I’ve been pressing. Credit to the team: never has Matty previously attempted pixel art (seriously, first time. Look at it!), and I firmly believe that never has one man picked up the Unity engine as fast as Will. It’s his first engine, and he has been coding games for less than a month. I stand in awe.

There are a few important things that need to be discussed. Firstly, there is the theme of LD32: “An Unconventional Weapon.” Latvian Milk accomplishes this in that your weapon completely morphs itself into a new form every few seconds. You have to quickly adjust to your new gun if you’re going to keep the zombies and cthulu-people at bay.

Secondly, are we working on the game any more after LD32? Yes, is the answer. We really like Latvian Milk. We want to expand it beyond it’s current 72-hour horizons, to add in features we have ready and rearing to go and to think up brand new ideas for it in the future. It’s not only a great learning tool for ourselves, but we think this game could be a real winner if a lot more content was added to it.

Lastly, why the name Latvian Milk? Perhaps my grandfather on my mother’s side was a Latvian Milkman, and this game is dedicated to him? Maybe it arose from some heavily abstracted dick joke that only made sense to three sleep deprived friends? Or could it be that the original character sprite looked a bit like- who am I kidding, it’s the dick joke one.

Some last minute complications meant that the final uploaded build isn’t quite what we wanted to submit, but it’s close and we’re pleased with what we could manage. Please try it out – we hope you have as much fun playing it as we did making it.

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