My first Ludum Dare and what went well

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April 21st, 2015 3:40 am

My first Ludum Dare was a great experience and although I got a little side tracked on day 2 I ended up completing my game with just over half an hour remaining for the competition.

The LD Compo started Saturday at 1pm for me in New Zealand and finish Monday at the same time of course…

SO what is the most unconventional weapon? Obviously something that can easily kill you as much as it kills the enemies! And that was my initial thought, GIANT SPIKY BALL OF DEATH!


Play and rate here


What I wanted to add:

– Title screen (sorta did that)

– Game over screen (Check)

– Main mechanic (Duh!)

– Variation of enemies (Check)

– Some sort of score system (Did a timer)

– Tweet high score (Chose not to in the end)

– Difficulty curve (I sure hope so, spent a long time trying to make it work!)

– Music and sound effects (Sound effects im happy, but the music is average)

What went well?

– Have you see the list? I kept it simple

– I planned EVERYTHING then TRIED to made a simple attempt on the first night

– I talked with friends and got some other people online to test my game

– I planned to end 3 hours early, this is a big one as I ended up going about 2 and a half hours over the time I aimed for!

So I think my first Ludum Dare went very well, and i am proud of what I produced in a short amount of time and had one hell of a good time!

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