Better late than never: ‘Nanomachina’

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April 21st, 2015 8:22 pm

Hello there!  We could not finish the game on time. Anyway, we want to show you our progress. We are proud to present ‘Nanomachina‘, a game in which you have to manipulate the enemies’ minds.



You’re a small nanomachine in the brain of a tormented man. Your mission is to free his mind from the terrible thoughts that plague him. Use your ‘feeling power’ to manipulate enemies’ minds.


  • Move around with ‘WASD’.
  • Jump with ‘SPACE’ bar.
  • Change your ‘feeling power’ using ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’.
  • Aim with your mouse and left click to shoot.
  • Push ‘R’ to ‘self destroy’.


  • 2D Plataformer.
  • Puzzle Game.
  • 4 different stages




WINDOWS LINK (Recommended):


Ludum32_2015_04_22_02_40_43_277 Ludum32_2015_04_22_02_41_09_754 Ludum32_2015_04_22_02_41_22_354 Ludum32_2015_04_22_02_41_45_317 Ludum32_2015_04_22_02_42_22_339 Ludum32_2015_04_22_02_44_23_143 Ludum32_2015_04_22_02_44_24_826

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  1. JamGuys, it looks like your game can’t be started. There is “PRESS ENTER” and enter is without any effect. I tried it in Safari, in FireFox and in Chrome (here even start screen is not displayed)! Trying on Mac OS X… Your game looks appealing! Help me to try your game! :)

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