Words Are My Weapons – Retrospective

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April 20th, 2015 1:17 pm







So here it is, my 4th Ludum Dare game. (click on the picture to go to the game page)

When the theme of “An Unconventional Weapon” was decided, I went to sleep immediately. Upon waking, I had an idea for a game where you used language as your weapon – think Skyrim. Over the course of the development, I realised that enemy AI was impossible and that using your words as a tool is probably closer to the implementation of the idea.

What has surprised me is the initial response from players. It has been very positive. I was personally rather disappointed with the outcome of the game, but I guess other people don’t have the same “vision” of this game as I did, so they aren’t biased like that.

WAMW is my first “proper” 3D game – I have done a game with 3D graphics before, but it still had 2D gameplay. This was a foray into uncharted territory for me, and it seems to have worked out quite well! As is always the case with my games, I am most proud of the sound design. People seem to enjoy the level design (which is very nice to hear) and the graphical style (which surprises me as I wanted something a bit more complex).

The thing I’ve learned from this LD is that you should not be dissuaded if you can’t live up to your original vision. Sometimes, a new direction imposed by external restrictions can lead to a game that’s just as good.

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