Very hot place – Post mortem

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April 20th, 2015 2:35 pm

My second LD compo post-mortem!

note: LD in Lithuania starts at 4am

Day 1: I’ve started to think about my game as soon as I get up (about 7 am). Unfortunately, I was not able to start developing my game till 1 pm. From then, till 2am in the evening I made most of my game features, and half of the art

Day 2: I got up at 10am, and I knew that today I had to fix a lot of bugs that I found (UI wasn’t working at all).  Somewhere about 6pm I had almost everything set up for deployment, so I went and drew extra sprites, made everything a lot more pretty. At 1:30am in the evening, I *remembered* that I do not have a sprite for player and no music/sounds at all.  Unfortunately, somehow half of the stuff broke, so it was very tense 2 and a half ours before the deadline. I finished UI at 3:59am, and that was it. Still did not have player sprite, but I didn’t want to cheat, so I used deployment(or how is it called?) hour to submit my game.


What went well:

I did make my game prettier than the last one, just as planned

I finished most of the features I wanted

What didn’t:

I didn’t had enough time to add player sprite and UI was still bit lame

All in all, this was really great LD for me, I did much better than the last

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