Undead Grind postmortem, how I botched it.

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April 20th, 2015 2:56 pm

After a long jam fueled with hype and determination, I finally called it. I gave up. Felt really bad on my partner, but my brain has completely shut down.
All the art is there, but for some reason, unsure if its technical or human failure, the codes aren’t just working.

We even made a nifty title screen.

What went right:
• Game idea generation. I suppose we came up with plenty of good ideas, and went with what we thought the best at the moment. It looks good on paper, sounds nice and fun.
• One hell of a good artist. All credit to Jonathan, he whipped up very nice art in a reasonably short time.
• Enthusiasm.

What went wrong:
• No actual programmer. Our programmer had to abandon the project, and I had to do all the programming. I am by no means a programmer, so lots of trial and error, and in the end Unity seemed to refuse to work.• Time management and scheduling. We started each day from mid-day until midnight, throwing quite precious time. I also find myself thinking of what to do next.
• Not joining the warmup weekend. After quite a while of not using Unity, I had to look up for some old scripts we did for references. Often times I need to look up for tutorials and Q&A from the Unity answers web.

If anyone’s interested, here’s the unfinished build up for download:



This is, after all, my first jam, lots of mistakes to learn from. I had lots of fun, I learned a ton, and I’ll be sure to join the next jam.

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