Metal vs Hipsters: Lessons learned

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April 20th, 2015 2:32 pm

Metal vs Hipsters is my entry for the compo. I went solo and had a blast! You can play and rate the game here :)

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 02.13.19


I created a full post-mortem at my blog, but here’s the “lessons learned” extract. Once I have time I will upload all the images to copy the log, which I think is quite interesting!

What went well

  • No junk food or energy drinks. Also, clean and tidy environment (I was cleaning up on the go, so no dishes piling up in the sink, etc.).
  • Went for a more simple idea that last time (still not simple enough).
  • Achieved a consistent graphic style in the game. People seem to like it!
  • Took Monday off. This allowed me some extra 4 hours, and the game got so much better in these 4 hours…
  • Capture some GIF’s of the game and tweeted the whole process. This allowed my friends to give me lots of encouragement! And also it made much easier to compile the log here.
  • I was tired, but I managed to be stress-free the whole time. I credit this to the food / environment / workouts.

What went wrong

  • I lost almost an hour setting up the code environment! I should have done this in advance.
  • The idea was not simple enough. Well, the gameplay itself is simple, but it isn’t much juicy. It really needed more stuff, and I didn’t have the time for it. I should have thought on just one core mechanic that didn’t need anything else to be fun.
  • Lack of proper audio skills! It really showed up in this competition. I reallly need to learn how to create music.
  • Complicated art. This lead to non-animated sprites. Always bad choice :(

Tools and tech

This is a very unexpensive setup. If you’ve never done game dev before, please consider give it a try!

  • Regular HTML 5 game. I used the Phaser game framework and I’m pretty happy with it. Great performance, great documentation. It even runs in mobile browsers.
  • JS libs and tools: Gulp for automation (live reload, local server, deployment, etc.). Browserify for modules.
  • BXFR for sound effects and Garageband for the main song.
  • A small Wacom tablet and Pixelmator for the art.
  • LICEcap to capture animated GIF’s <3
  • Atom with vi key-bindings as text editor.

And tons of heavy metal! \m/


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