How I Escaped The Dungeon of Torment

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April 20th, 2015 10:22 am

My entry is called How I Escaped The Dungeon of Torment. It is from the perspective of a child, locked inside a storage shed, using a garden hose with various attachments to force open the “dungeon” door. The names of the attachments are named and described as if originating from an RPG, so for example, a hand saw is a jagged sword.

In the first evening, I only had a handful of sparse ideas to pursue. The next morning I started to design the idea of a prisoner, crafting a weapon to chisel away the stonework of a penitentiary. Then to reduce art needed, I changed the idea to a storage shed so it all takes place on one screen.

I had a lot of technical hiccups. I had even more concerns for the design, actually dropping the idea and starting another LD project twice. In the final several hours I changed the direction to a little boy describing his adventures.

Unfortunately I had dusted out my computer, and changed graphics cards, shortly before LD started. Chronolapse ended up recording the wrong screen, so now there is no timelapse video to share :(


screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4 screen5 screen6

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