Cats don’t kill people. Cats with knives do…

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April 20th, 2015 4:53 pm



Unfortunately we didn’t manage to finish the game.

We had too high expectations and been (well, mostly I’ve been) too lazy. The game will be uploaded anyway, but don’t expect very much – it’s just not ready yet.

If we had at least twice as much time, Cats Don’t Kill People could be a pretty good game. But it isn’t. The thing you will be able to download in few hours is just a small sneak peek of what we want to include in the game.

So at least let me tell you what the game was supposed to be about:

CDKP is a game about a serial killer, who murders people using cats with knives taped to them. Kitties aren’t clever, but they do like petting and chasing laser beams. You have to exterminate everyone without getting noticed. The game features a suspicion meter – if the people get too suspicious about you or your cats, they call the police – you lose. Killed everyone without getting noticed? You win.

Sooo that’s it. Take a look at this beautiful cat:




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  1. speakupgames says:

    most adorable top down knife-taped cat i’ve seen. 5/5 would view again

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