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April 20th, 2015 12:08 pm





I (Ava) wasn’t sure I’d be submitting something this time. I decided to wait until the theme was announced. The theme did however provide an immediate idea, and it seems to be an odd one out there in this time’s sea of submissions; you’re not a combatant in this game.

It might not be much of a game either.  Unconventional, if you will. It’s a short, mildly interactive experience meant to abstractly convey a message by the help of symbolism rather than words.

After getting the idea for this game, I decided to watch a relevant documentary online before I started. An important subject touched me even more after watching that, and so the work began. It was all wrapped up by finding some statistics.

Give it a play — it’s but a few minutes long and played right in your browser without plugins — and see if we (Marte, Eva and myself) managed to do the subject any justice at all with this short, short presentation. Submit your ratings and leave a comment on the page.

Go play, rate and comment on the game right here~


Thank you!



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  1. Iak says:

    I think you did a great job conveying your message. Poor little fella.

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