A non-mortem

April 20th, 2015 5:53 am

picard-facepalm_786x590As every LudumDare approaches I was excited like a little child. I was suggesting theme ideas, I was slaughtering a lot themes and I was voting for them, too… While checking my equipment for a LD48-Weekend I remembered a date that I would probably have this weekend… Ohhh no… a confirmation of a far away cousin… Really? But I heard the call of duty… and the good bye of Ludum Dah-ray :(

What went good:

  • The Theme was a very good one for me… personally 😉
  • All the Equipment was up and ready to go
  • Food and Softdrinks were stored in the mini fridge beneath my desktop
  • fully motivated: “Right now I feel I could take on the whole Empire myself.”
  • Wife was fine with my plans of doing a “nerd-marathon” :)


What went bad?

  • I never took part of LD32 :(

I hope you had a good time this LD and I’m looking forward playing your entries 😉 And… next time I’ll be back for a compo :)

See ya and love ya all 😉

4 Responses to “A non-mortem”

  1. Iak says:

    man, that is really unfortunate. These things happen though, better luck next time!

  2. Fera says:

    Same here :/
    I had an schoolday on saturday (yes, I’m not kidding … on _saturday_!). And because that it is usually a long day and saturday is the day on which i do the most important dev-progress, i decided to just let this LD32 go.

    Propably next time .. hopefully. I can see LD33 on the horizon already. :>

  3. bazld says:

    Yeah, you cant always drop everything for an LD weekend. 7-day jams are sometimes better for, you know, fitting around real life. Anyway, will soon be the next one!

  4. Hehe lookinig forward to the next dare :) Thx

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