That’s not our first entry yet we made the beginners’ mistake. We planned too many features. So many we can’t budge them anymore. We’re not sure if we should publish the game as it is, so that’s what we have now.


+ clients can connect

+ players can move
+ client can pick a weapon
+ client positions are synchronized
+ client animations are synchronized

+ Player
+ 3 Weapon models
+ 2 Ammo models
+ ~20 C# Scripts
+ ~10 Textures
+ ~15 Models
+ 1 Arena + 2 Development scenes
+ 14 sounds
+ 60 git commits

– client can shoot but it not synced on server
– rigidbodies are weird
– no UI in game
– only 1 weapon implemented
– poor position sync algorithm, clients lags
– no gameplay at all
– …

Something we learned:

1. It’s a bad idea to make a multiplayer shooter based on ropes interaction in three days. Pretty obvious
2. It’s not a simple task to sync objects while changing scenes in Unity
3. Syncing 3D physics in Unity is just too hard to understand for a human being
4. Listening to a new team member (who wants to make a 3D and then just gives up) is not a good idea either

So that’s it. We couldn’t finish it, but would be pretty happy to hear your opinion. Do you want us to publish the game as it is?

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One Response to “3 days in – understanding that multiplayer 3D is hard suddenly appears”

  1. PeerPlay says:

    Ofcourse publish it, show people what you have done, learn from your mistakes, drink a beer with your members, and forget about it, and better luck next time! We have all been there…sometimes you just have to aim for the sky, to master the grounds! 😉

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