Well… Au revoir, LD32.

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April 19th, 2015 4:55 pm

I knew this would happen.

Well, my little game will not be ready in 6 hours. I’ve got school tomorrow so I will not be staying up until 3:00AM to submit. School tomorrow also makes sure I won’t have enough time to do finish it off, even if I go for the Jam. It’s also not such a good game, despite the theme being one of the best ones I’ve seen to date :(. South Africa’s electricity crisis also didn’t help, causing me to lose many a work hour to our failing power grid.

So yeah. Booooo!

Here’s what it was:


You play as Handyandy McNificent, a seasoned sergeant who forgot to pack his favorite gun when entering a supersecret Russian Nuclear Plant. When faced with this dilemma, he realizes that he can actually throw the bullets hard enough at the wall and get them to fire by themselves. So my unconventional weapon was a bullet – without its gun of course.

But with school becoming less serious in the December Holidays (no kidding) and hopefully a clearer head when coding the base for the game, I hope to see you all at Ludum Dare 34 :)

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  1. Shared says:

    Funny idea, too bad it won’t be in time for the compo, try going for the jam.

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