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April 19th, 2015 12:14 am

The main challenge with the digital version of this game seems to be cramming all that information into itty bitty little UI screens. There’s not a whole lot of gameplay yet — just the ability to deal cards out of the deck, trade in for new cards, draw cards, and construct a Jouster. I’m not even checking yet that the cards dragged onto the new jouster are valid plays… So lots to do tomorrow!

  • Create some sort of state management (your turn vs not your turn)
  • Jouster validation (make sure it’s a good combination)
  • Finish laying out all the cards so the art fits nicely.
  • Create the “transform” animation where 3 cards merge into a single jouster.
  • Create the “battle” animation where 2 jousters fight each other.
  • Create tertiary/powerup cards: draw X, +X attack.
  • Finish up the card art and start prettying up the UI.

We also ran a 30-minute play session with the physical cards and came up with a ton of great ideas. Starting hand was upped from 3 to 4. Hand limit upped from 5 to 7. I had the idea to add the Draw 2 and Draw 3 powerups as well as the single-use attack boosters to help topple someone who’s King of the Hill.

We also now have a way to do scoring. Our first try was to get a point at the end of every player’s turn if your Jouster was still king of the hill… but we found that some combinations actually stuck for quite awhile if the draws were going poorly. To address that we (1) added the draw cards which help get you to valid combinations more quickly and (2) changed the scoring so that you get one VP for every ROUND instead of every turn. If your bot is still king of the hill when it comes back to your turn, +1 VP. Woohoo!

Derpy Baby Derp Derp

Derpy Baby Derp Derp

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