Thinking about giving in

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April 19th, 2015 1:43 am

This is all I have:

And it’s not like it’s because I didn’t get that much time. I mean I did spend about 2 hours brainstorming at the beginning; but I’ve worked for most of the time up until now. It was bogged down by a lot of things; like general lack of modelling software/trying to handcode animations (don’t do it unless you have to; you can get cleaner curves that you could with software; but it’s such a pain.

The concept was for an isometric platformer where you CAN’T TURN (except by doing a trick on a half pipe or quarter pipe) and kill enemies with a combination of dodging [both angry enemy falls off cliff and shooter enemy with bounce shot ends up shooting themself] and actually hitting with the board (bunny hops). Still needs break away platforms and A LOT of the board’s behavior; including all of the player control; but so much effort when into manually coding models and the only way I could think of of doing the physics is…not THAT complex but too complex for a somewhat sleep-starved coder to really focus on. [It’s an 2D array of objects with tile types and height values; the board’s behavior changes based on a check when hitting a new tile.]

I’ll still show all code; including the manual meshes. (NEVER DO THIS; unless you NEED the procedural generation; not worth it for normal models) and I’ll still finish the game just no way it’s in time.

Pastebin of all current code:

Don’t guess there’s any shame in it; though I do feel bad that I’ve only ever FINISHED one LD (my first), despite this being my 4th.

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  1. CriticalMammal says:

    It’s really not bad to be honest, you’ve got some interesting visuals and an appealing concept. It’s ambitious of course, so just keep removing the more difficult parts of the design so you can get something basic playable. If anything take a pass on the compo submission and take the extra day to work on it so you can submit it for the Jam.

    • Bcadren says:

      I’ve been working on making it so at very least you can ramp on the two half pipes back and forth until you wipeout. It’s…arcady and removed from the theme but it’ll work. LOL

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