Slam Jam Bakery : Explosions!

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April 19th, 2015 10:43 am

Well you can now complete the level…

Go out with a bang

Each ‘level’ (There’s only one but I’m hoping for a second once everything’s in place) charges you with destroying the ‘Core’ of the enemy airship with your Jam Cannon.  This Core boss is effectively just a big laser turret with a weakspot you have to jam up, upon which everything start’s exploding and you’ve to make an exciting and daring escape before everything blows up.


The DragonXVI Approved Additive Blended Laser Of Death™


Currently the game’s using a shoddy bit of mouse control to aim the cannon and WASD to move about.  I want to properly get some varied controls in so folk can use gamepads too, so that’s on the list next, along with sound effects & menus/other screens, and other polish.

I also had a fake CRT-ish screen effect but I’m pondering leaving that out as my eyes hurt too much. :p


I think it’s the fisheye lens…


Jam on!


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  1. ViKing Games says:

    Maybe add an option to turn the CRT effect on and off.

    • DragonXVI says:

      Yeah, was thinkin’ of that. Will probably just bind it to a keyboard button of some kind. It’s just a few visual lasers & post-processing components

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