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April 19th, 2015 2:17 pm

My game is basically finished (maybe i will do some balancing) but I need someone verifying that it works and I dont have access to a second computer right now. So all you need to do to help me is download the game, check if it runs and tell me it does or whatever error it displays. If you want to play a bit you can press h ingame to show the help which explains most stuff. Thank you really much in advance.  (windows only, sorry)

LD32 2


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  1. prankard says:

    Runs on my Windows 8.1 laptop (no errors), although I can’t control the character using the numpad as I don’t have a keyboard suitable.

    The style reminds me of the old games I used to play on my Amstrad computer as a child :) I’ve always wanted to make an ACSII game.

    Good luck with submission/completion.


  2. Madball says:

    Played it, works normally. Seems very original. Though I don’t understand where you can see your AP and what do those numbers in brackets (42) mean. Also, the exit isn’t always accessible.

    • Junber says:

      Thanks. The exit is always accessiable. Sometimes you just need to warp around the map. Your ap are shown behind your equipped weapon in brackets. The brackets after components are their “ap”. A weapons ap equals the sum of its compnoents ap. Thank for pointing out this wasnt very clear.

  3. retrograzer says:

    Ok, it’s awesome that you made a game in this style. I’m way too young to have played games in “my day”, but I’ve always wanted to try one, and this is pretty darn cool! Nice amount of detail (a little too much in the complexity side of stats) but an awesome little throwback. Madball is right though, because my first playthrough, the map wasn’t accessible, and it was in the center of the map, so I couldn’t “warp around” to it. Cool game though!

    • Junber says:

      Thanks. Well Im not old enough to have played ASCII games when they were state of art either. Are you really sure the stairs werent reachable? I’ve never came across this. If you read this, could you try agian and post a screenshot? Would be really helpful.

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