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April 19th, 2015 9:24 am

Thinking of abandoning your game? Here’s how to solve your problem.

As this Ludum Dare’s conclusion begins to approach, and everything winds down (haha), let me tell everyone about a combination of three letters: MVP.

MVP does not stand for most valuable player, it stands for minimal viable product. An MVP is the product you have right now, upgraded with the fewest features possible to make it viable.

The point being: Many have come to realize that all the fancy features they wanted to include at the start cannot possibly make it in. Don’t abandon your game just because of this! Now, 11 hours before the deadline is the time to select the subset of features which are absolutely necessary in your game, and do those and only those!

This is absolutely not something akin to admitting defeat or failing to properly honour the glorious idea you had at the start! Abandoning the game entirely is admitting defeat! Refocusing and working on a subset of features is what it comes down to every single time you do a game jam (or develop a commercial game for that matter.) So evaluate what you have, what needs to be done to make your minimal viable product and do that.

Thank me later, now get back to work! 😀

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  1. BlakeB says:

    I’ll go ahead and thank you now, while I’m taking my mid morning break/snack. My first LD and I’m having to practically gut my idea. Still, I’m ecstatic that I’m so close to having SOMETHING done. I’m confident I”ll have a playable game ready, even if it looks like crap and is only a shadow of my intentions at the beginning. Thanks Liam, and keep at it everyone else!

  2. sentendo says:

    totally agree!

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