Fish Fencing

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April 19th, 2015 5:21 pm



The fine sport of fish fencing dates back to the early 1800s. In the traditional ruleset, you must jab your opponent off the arena, using only the fish in your hand. If you are disarmed by your opponent’s parry, you will need to avoid him while you fish for a new weapon. Better hope you catch a big one!

This is the first game jam that I may conceivably finish. My partner and I have never used Unity before, but we are really enjoying it. However we’ve definitely spent a lot of time running into some walls due to lack of skill. We’re both web developers during the day, but making games is another beast.

The “art” is really tragic, we kind of cheated on this and are using woodcut style images from Google images. Yeesh. Better than the programmer art that we’d otherwise make I guess.

We set it up with gamepads in mind, and the controls actually feel pretty good. Major to-dos are getting the “stab” motion right so it has enough “oomph” behind it, and completing the fishing aspect. Sound and music would be nice but we are clueless in that arena as well, so *shrug*. Anyways, about 27 (?) hours left right?

You can watch us develop live, if you want to watch the trainwreck unfold:

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