Finished my second LD

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April 19th, 2015 1:15 pm

For the second time I was in a bit of panic and just started programming something and along the way came an old school shoot-em up that brings my memory back to my childhood and the C64.

I kind of already had the game finished after 14 hours or so when I took some time to play around in Ableton (I’m doing music as another hobby) and made a small tune for it that is repeating itself trough the whole game.



Then this morning I added in some intro screens and an ending and published the game. If I had been having more time I could probably have polished things more and added in more enemies but I had to spend some time with my family too.

My 6 year old son tried the game and he liked it and watched me playing it.     “Watch out for the chili dad!!!      DAD!!! you forgot to pickup a pumpkin!!!”

Anyway in the end everything went well I’m really satisfied with the result :)


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