Excuse Me While I Vent

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April 19th, 2015 4:44 pm

So my fucking computer screwed me. After spending the better part of the weekend working in Unity, learning the API (I’m a noob to game IDEs – I’m used to more low-level, write-your-own code-base stuff), and coming away with something that I was quite proud of, Windows crashed and corrupted it. Fuck. Like a complete moron, I didn’t even think of making backups. My decision is final – fuck Windows and it’s endless shit – I’m migrating to Linux. I just can’t take it. At least if there are problems on the *nix side I won’t have the opportunity to blame a money-hungry enterprise conglomerate who’s design decisions represent the majority opinion of a bunch of school children. (Okay, perhaps not THAT bad, but I’ve just wasted a weekend – I’m  entitled to yell at the code monkeys).

On a lighter note, Ludum Dare: it’s fantastic. I have learnt so much and progressed so far. My first game was atrocious – my second has become and ongoing project that is soon to be a commercial release, and my third would be CamoCube – the corrupted machination of a weekend lost. I’m about to get my degree and head into the software engineering (hell, perhaps game development?) field, and I have to personally thank Mike for keeping this beast alive – you’re a legend dude, and you’re running of this fantastic compo has (in the minute number of participations I have made) furthered my programming skills / technical knowledge tenfold.

Because the ones and zeros are flipped, I leave you with what could have been. A free-for-all LAN, death-match arena game in which you are a cube in a world of cubes. Left/right movement through vertical levels with bounce pads. Multiple power-ups strewn about the world, each with a power-level: who-ever has the higher power level when you hit each other survives the attack. The most powerful pick-up lay at the centre of the maps, so a thoughtful scramble could take place – do you grab an outlying, weaker, and easier to get to power-up? Or risk it to grab to the GOD item that makes you invincible for a short period? Oh, and also you adopt the texture of anything you touch. So, you know, you can blend into the world and sit in waiting – a campers dream.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to playing other peoples creations. All the best to the Compers and the Jammers out there.

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