An Unconventional LD

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April 19th, 2015 5:42 pm

This time I did not expect to take part at Ludum Dare since my study needs all of my time (and more sometimes), so I took part at theme voting with mixed feelings since it would be – once again – a LD some weeks after I had some spare time left for fun like this.

Saturday morning I took a look at twitter and thought “Great theme!” didn’t think of it any more.

But then, saturday evening, returning from the university, I had an idea that was simple but fitting nonetheless – I had to make that one reality. Back at home I read through grabbing sound and calculating FFTs in JS, since I definitely wanted to make it available through browsers, and usually I use Python or C++ for calculating such stuff.

The bad thing was: All the functions for grabbing audio are still prefixed (I hate that aspect of JS), but they worked. And even better: Modern browsers have build-in FFT-Support (through something called AnalyserNode), I didn’t even have to write that code on my own!

And then, some hours later, I was done. I simplified it and removed some ideas I had since it was hard enough to calculate the frequency of the sounds you make, but on that level it worked and was fun – great!

The special thing: It only needed ~ 5 hours, not the usual 2 times 12 hours I usually reserve for taking part at Ludum Dare.

Thanks for giving me that possibility, once again! And for all of you currently trying to fix last minute bugs: Good look. Please don’t read on here, fix them.

P.S. or better fix them tomorrow, as you won’t have luck at this hour and stress level. I know how you feel.

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