Rubbing until death

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April 18th, 2015 5:57 am

Game pitch : You play as an homosexual spy who kills his target by masturbating them to death in a rythym game


So basically, they’ll be three steps :

1/3 of the rythym game will be foreplay : slow notes, one or two lines only

1/3 of the rythym game will be “standard?” : middle pacing, two simultaneous lines. I wanted to something about rubbing/going up and down with the mouse, but not quite sure how to realize it.

1/3 of the rythym game will be orgasm : a mix of simple notes and a bashing one special notes, where basically, you’ll have to bash it until orgasm. But if you bash too much… meh.

I’d like to find one specific mechanic for each step, but I’m not still sure how to make them really fitting to the story and narration. I work on programming while I’ll find how to do them.

I’m sure you guessed how bad I am at art 😉

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  1. thatotherguy says:

    I would normally say that this rub me the wrong way but I am actually impress. Keep up the smashing good work.

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