Our game “Ivan” so far

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April 18th, 2015 11:58 pm

We’ve got a ton of art done, as well as the physics and menu screen!  Now to work on the actual game :3

Our game “Ivan” is about a little kid using a potted plant named Ivan to conquer puzzles and enemies.

The player can press Q, E, and R to use certain abilities such as using Ivan’s tongue as a grappling device.  The player can also left click to make Ivan do a close range melee bite attack.  Right click makes Ivan shoot seeds that grow into leaf blocks that the player can step on.

We also have a lot of environment art done.  Here’s one of the tile sets:

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  1. Looks like we’ve gone down a similar thought path! Our plant character spits seeds to grow platforms as well :) two very different art styles though. Looking forward to checking out your take on the plant/weapon theme!

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