Need a sword name?

Posted by (twitter: @Rose_Abernathy)
April 18th, 2015 9:05 pm

I needed some sword names for my game so I wrote a simple random generator. Here’s a few of the names it generated:

Morningslicer, Earth Blade of Blood, Poisonripper, Lightbringer, Stonekiller of Grief, Fatebringer, Demonslicer, Vorpal Needle, Oathslasher, Nightsmasher of Darkness, Nightslasher of Vengeance, Daybane, Ice Edge, Wingkiller of Death, Blood Needle, Chancesmasher, Ludumtwister of Ice, Doom Needle, Nightcrusher of Fire, Night Blade, Poison Edge of Justice, Ravenripper, Hopebane, Firetwister, Raintwister, Wing Edge, Oatheater, Life Needle, Darknesspiercer, Chance Blade of Fire, Deathtwister, Nightbane, Devilpiercer, Stonetwister, Dawn Saber of Vengeance, Blood Blade, Bloodslicer, Stonecutter of Ice, Darkeater, Sunbane, Lovethirster, Vorpal Edge of Truth, Rainkiller, Griefkiller, Chancebringer, Lifekiller, Earthcutter, Lifebane, Hopesmasher of Death, Acidthirster

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