Masturbation simulator

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April 18th, 2015 12:00 pm

My original pitch was

You play as an homosexual spy who kills his target by masturbating them to death in a rythym game

it became

You play as a killer for hire who kills his target by masturbating them to death in a rythym game

and now it’s

You play as a male guy rubbing a dick in a dirty street.


It turns out the rythym idea wasn’t really cool and gameplay wasn’t cohesive. I plainly erased things and now I’m coming with something interesting.

I implemented the notion of rubbing speed. You now have a feedback on wether you’re too fast or too slow. If you go too fast, the guy won’t like it and you won’t allow him to reach orgasm. Weirdly, it looks like a masturbation simulator now.


I’ve been interested in the culture of sex for a long time now, and always wanted to make a game about it. I guess I’m part of making one, as masturbation isn’t the only element in sex. I removed the fun and silly part in the game : I’m not that much a funny guy. The action part quite became “puzzly”.

I’d like to make a game that’s explore sex with “honor”.

I think sex is always considered very extremely : some people hate it and will push it because they think it’s devil. Some other people will love it but only speak of it with fun, “lol just jk”. I don’t say we shouldn’t be light with it, but I think we rarely speak seriously about the act and sex culture in our countries.

Just saying, you know… Are dicks an unconventionnal weapon ?



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  1. Sogomn says:


  2. Um………………

    If you do this, please very clearly mark it NSFW? Because there are ten-year-olds making games here

  3. iambored2006 says:

    The equivalent of ‘dick’ in Hebrew is also a synonym for ‘weapon’, albeit a rarely used one. So go forth and make you game!

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