In a world of magnets and miracles… Time to stream music!

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April 18th, 2015 6:02 pm

Making good progress on my game “Purging Cuddle Kingdoms”!

The premise is that the Cuddle Kingdoms, a peaceful nation who produce no weapons, are being invaded.

You control Princess Eliza Anne-Marie the Unlimb-ited, and use your mighty magnet to steal the invading forces’ weapons, before grasping them in your infinite hands, and unleashing hell.

So what’s going on in this picture? For one, I put way too many enemies in my test level…

The fair Princess uses her mighty magnet to steal weapons from a hoard of foes. The enemies who have their weapons stolen run away, defenceless.

At any stage, you can put away the magnets and use the weapons you stole. All at the same time. There are probably only 15 weapons being held in the gif above, but the sky’s the limit!

You face two enemies at the moment. Ghosts which move towards you slowly, firing single shots, and imps, which teleport when you’re about the steal their weapons and fire multishots.

Do feel free to drop into my livestream at any time, to give me questions, suggestions, a piece of your mind, or some well crafted insults.

I’m about to start writing music! If you need an extra incentive to come and watch that, here’s what I wrote last Ludum Dare:

Hope to see you there!

2 Responses to “In a world of magnets and miracles… Time to stream music!”

  1. pvwradtke says:

    LOL, we had somewhat similar ideas. though yours is much better looking than mine, I should say :).

  2. drludos says:

    I love this idea, it looks damn cool!

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