I’m in, and made progress

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April 18th, 2015 12:49 am

Since I didn’t make an “I’m in” not, this post is doubling as that and as my first progress update.

In my (unintentional) trend of never making a game for LD using the same tools in a row[1], this time I’ll be using HTML5 / javascript.  My game idea will be using canvas and it’s basic drawing utilities to procedurally draw everything.  Why procedurally generated art?  You’ll have to play my game to see as there’s a surprise at the end.  Progress has been steady, but slow.  I’ve gotten the background and the player’s ship done so far, along with the backend stuff to handle the graphics generation.  Since any post is boring without a screen shot:


Next I’m going to be doing enemy spacecraft, then starting on the actual gameplay.

[1]: My entries have used:  Game maker, Python/Pyglet, Unity(3d), XNA, Unity(2d).

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