I never thought I’d say this…

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April 18th, 2015 3:04 pm

…but I’m just not feeling it this LD. I always look forward to this 359 days each year. I’ve participated in every Ludum Dare since LD23. I’ve loved it every time. Except this one.

I’ve got a pretty good idea. You play as an evil spirit who needs to collect souls by possessing inanimate objects and getting people to attack each other with them. But I find that I really don’t feel like making it. I feel like having a relaxing weekend, trying some games on my new PC, stuff like that. And I guess I’m not surprised. The past three weeks at least – probably more – have been really busy and really exhausting for me, and, until next weekend, there isn’t an opportunity for relief in sight.

The only reason I haven’t decided to call it quits is because I would then me doomed forever to say “I’ve participated in every LD since LD23 except for one.” I hate disclaimers like that. I guess I’ll spend the rest of today relaxing and hopefully I’ll have an idea both fun and possible to make in one day.

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  1. Aw. Don’t give up! I really liked your previous entries, and you’re definitely capable of coming up with something great.

  2. RegelePisicilor says:

    Just like Thingo, don’t give up man, we’re all behind you!

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