Hot diggity 3d graphics

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April 18th, 2015 2:59 am



I had dreams and hopes and ambitions once, but 3D graphics ate those too along with the HOT DANG FACES WHY IS THE DEPTH ALL WEIRD WHY ARE YOU CULLING THAT. NO PUT DOWN THAT DRAW ORDER WHAT ARE YOU DOING. BAD 3D. BAD BAD 3D. THAT IS NOT IN FRONT! that is not in front… no that’s not in front… why…. please… my family…

something culling something faces something something zUp yUp.

Anyways getting started on this LD, was busy today so I’m just getting started now. Not sure what this’ll be yet but I’m exploring 3D with gamemaker, and as you can see it’s going splendidly and I’m absolutely ready to begin experimentation.




on the bright side it seems to be the exact opposite draw order I want which is slightly more useful than complete garbage? 
Maybe I’ll put the camera on the other side and flip my textures upside down…

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  1. r1sc says:

    Looks like you’re culling front faces instead of back faces. Reverse your winding order and it will look allright.

  2. neontarkus says:

    Don’t get discouraged. You’ve stumbled upon a fascinating optical illusion.

    Once you figure out the problem, you could do some very cool things with this. No lie, I clicked “heart” thinking this was an intentional effect.

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