“Geneva” – a game about conventions

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April 18th, 2015 3:02 pm

Hi there ladies and gentlemen :)

Probably a bit of a no-brainer but yeah – I’m doing a game about weapons that are not allowed by the Geneva Convention, specifically chemical weapons, specifically Chlorine Gas.

Why so serious?

Guess I’m just trying to be clear with the theme 😉 Also I saw this recently – it’s a video (in French) about Fritz Haber: the guy behind most of the chemical weapons used in the last century.

I’m with the lovely Motion Twin guys again – this might become a tradition if they’ll keep having le: it’s a nice calm working environment (read: not Paris 😛 )

I decided that when in Bordeaux you have to use Haxe, so I’ve been struggling with OpenFL. I’ve not got much to show for it so far :'(

struggling with OpenFL

I may or may not manage to do something, but I’ll have levelled-up my Haxe-hacking skills in any case 😉

It’s not over till it’s over though: with any luck I’ll have something workable I can show on my tablet at A MAZE!

See you on the other side!


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  1. Gaeel says:

    Well, you have me wondering what weapons are banned by the Geneva conventions and protocols.
    Cluster bombs are banned in warfare, but I don’t think it’s Geneva though…

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