First day progress

Posted by (twitter: @AlexDJones)
April 18th, 2015 7:36 pm

Whether we did loads or nothing today is hard to gauge because we’re a two man team working together online passing files to each other through Google Drive (which doesn’t sync as often as maybe it should). Nevertheless, we have a tileset for making basic levels, objects to put into rooms that act as cover, movement animations for the player and enemies, and, most crucially, a time-slowing mechanic!

Sleep now, but tomorrow will bring more animations, prettier level design, any level design, and the gamplay will hopefully start to come together as we refine the time slowing, add attacking and start to get a sense of how the game flows.

For now, here’s a screen of our test room. I absolutely promise you this will look more interesting eventually. Maybe one day I’ll learn to make gifs from screen capture but until then uninspiring stills is all you get:



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