Currently out of ideas :(

Posted by (twitter: @axeperimetal)
April 18th, 2015 4:57 am

Hmmm, that is a tough theme. It should be easy to come up with ANYTHING really that is an unconventional weapon and make a generic platformer that uses that weapon. But I want to avoid making a platformer. I considered a beat’em-up but I am worried that that requires too much work on the graphical end, as beat’em-ups typically have quite a number of large sprites with lots of unique animations, if you want to make it interesting and play well.

Right now I’m thinking about investigating more time into a new idea that is easier to execute once you have the design down.


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  1. bazld says:

    Perhaps you can make that beat em up using just v basic blocks/sprites, but put the emphasis on a cool (unconventional) attack mechanic. ‘Weapon’ can be interpreted quite loosely, imo.

  2. Gins says:

    ^I guess using a simplistic style could work, but I actually have a new idea now that I think I can do in the remaining time :)
    Still thank you for the comment!

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