Collision Problem Fixed

Posted by (twitter: @pkenneydev)
April 18th, 2015 3:03 am

I guess in Unity2D you cannot have two objects that both check OnCollision colliding with each other, or it’s a coin toss whether they’ll both get the OnCollision event actually called.  Or maybe it’s just one of them?

Either way I cut the OnCollision from the player’s mirror shield and replaced it with a call from the projectile’s OnCollision so there’s just one function.  Now when projectiles hit it they consistently flash and tween.


(Wow everything still looks jerky at that frame rate!  Didn’t want to load a huge gif though)


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  1. neontarkus says:

    You might try using an OnTriggerEnter in a trigger field near the object, depending on what you need it for. Or perhaps one object can SendMessage to the other when it collides…

    Either way, looking good!

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