Brun the Blob-farmer in action!

Posted by (twitter: @McDaan)
April 18th, 2015 3:36 pm

“Brun never knew that his blobs would save humanity! “


Game type: Tactics fighting with semi-random blob-grubs!

Extra challenge: I try to put as many themes into the game as I can, going down from the list 😀

An Unconventional weapon: Weaponized Pig-blobs
Companion: My blobbies!
Deeper and Deeper: The adventure descends…
You are the power source: Brun holds the raw energy that super-powers his blobs!
Grow: Your blobbies grow as they get XP
Adapt to Survive: Select which blobbies to take with you

Among the Stars: No clue… I’ll figure out something 😉 Blobbies into space?

Todo: Get some opponents in.

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