Albert Einstein joins the debate!!!

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April 18th, 2015 9:51 am

I finally decided on my game. It will be (tentatively titled) The Great Debate!  Words are your weapon of choice.  Debate your opponent into submission!


Fear his Gedankedank! (click for animation)

It will be a puzzle game disguised as a debate simulator. The debate will take place over a number of rounds and each round of the debate, the two players will be given a list of four random words and have to choose between them. Each debate will also have a secret rule that determines how the words are scored (number of letters, highest ASCII value in the word, number of duplicate letters, etc). Your job as the player is to look at the results of the scores and try to determine the rule being applied, which will in turn let you maximize your score. The winner has the highest score at the end of the debate.

In the background the two debaters will be using the words that you select to have a debate about something random.  What the debaters say will be random.

Humor will be added due to the MadLibs like nature of the debate, since I will be inserting random words into completely random sentences.  Hilarity will commence!

Incidentally, does anyone know why the gif isn’t playing?  It is animated if you click on it…

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  1. klianc09 says:

    For gifs to play automatically, you have to set its size to “original”. Because when it’s downscaled by wordpress a thumbnail is used instead of the original gif.

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