A few hours of work

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April 18th, 2015 1:37 am



A few hours of work, and I’m pretty satisfied with what I have! I’m still not entirely sure where it’s going but it feels fun to just bash stuff with a shield — so that’s something!

The GIF is pretty choppy, so here’s a video as well:


When you first bring out your shield you perform a “bash” attack, but if you keep holding down the button, you hold the shield up as you’d expect. If you “bash” your enemy while they’re in the middle of an attack you’ll stun them! It feels pretty smooth right now.

Gonna try adding a projectile enemy type, and maybe some form of traps. Still trying to figure out how to structure the game, but I’m considering making the player just progress through randomized rooms and letting them buy upgrades along the way. Not sure if i’ll have time to do all that stuff, but it would be cool!

Having some problems with collisions… which seems to be a recurring issue¬†with almost every game I’ve made? Jeez, I really need to get better at that stuff. Hopefully I can get it decent by the end of this all!


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  1. MondayHopscotch says:

    Looks really good! It looks like it plays pretty smooth so far. The death sprite made me laugh when I first saw it considering how polished the rest of it is already looking.

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