Well butter my biscuit!

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April 17th, 2015 8:42 am

Hey, one and all!

I’m Crumpet, and I’ll be throwing my lot in for this competition.

Ever since the results to the previous competition came out, and I came out 6th overall, I’ve been pretty hyped for trying to raise the bar. Also I’ve probably been insufferably arrogant. That’s fine, it makes me fit in with most of the game devs I know.

I like making shooty games with screenshake and gameplay than lends itself to looking chaotic as hell more than anything else, but I’m also hoping to raise my game musically.

Should be streaming at http://www.twitch.tv/mkarp, so tune in during the competition to watch me make what’ll probably end up being a pixely shooter, write some music, and probably spend too much time chatting with the others at my meetup.

Just to try and convince you to come watch, here’s are some of my previous contributions.

ESC – Made for Ludum Dare 29, this was the most stereotypical Indie game I’ve ever made. It’s a pixel art puzzle platformer with a deeper meaning. The only thing I forgot was some arty filter that actually just makes it all black and white. Maybe next time.

Deep Breath – For Ludum Dare 31, this fast past, three stage shoot ’em up featured a Necromancer who had a beef with the President, particles and explosions everywhere, and some of the most kickass music I’ve ever written. This is the one to beat for me.

I’ll be making my games in Gamemaker (really good for fast prototyping, deal with it), music in FL studio, and living on a diet of too much pizza.

Best of luck to all!

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  1. rnlf says:

    I really loved ESC and somehow missed Deep Breath. I’ll make sure to check out your game this time again!

  2. mikale says:

    Epic! I will be expecting to see updates on your twitter 😀

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